Finding Land

Want to build your dream home? Where do you start? There are over 10,000 lots in Comal County alone. Let an expert narrow down your search to properties that make sense for you.


Buying Land

You've found the perfect home site. Is it a good deal? Will it hold it's value? We're here to help answer these questions.


Home Builders

We vet local builders to ensure that they work in the clients best interest. We also offer builder representation with rebates.


Build Your Home

Most of the time we are looking for land to build our dream home.  Our job is to make sure that the land is suitable for building and forewarn our clients of any potential pitfalls that may exist on the property.  The last thing you want is to find out that the property is outrageously expensive to build on.  We will measure elevation change as well as tree locations to give you some of the additional cost that each lot may incur.  The plats are also examined at no charge to check for easements or other potential roadblocks.

Benefits include:

  • Experts in our Field
  • Vetted Builder Knowledge
  • No Cost to You
  • Professional Negotiations
  • Cash Rebates from Builders at Closing


Expertise in our field means:

  • Provide Cost breakdown - We give you a detailed cost analysis for building on every specific lot
  • Locate Property corners - If possible we will walk the lot lines and locate the original survey pins
  • Identify Neighborhood Requirements - Understand what may be required to build here
  • Determine Feasibility - Easements, elevation, and drainage can cause unexpected challenges
  • Locate Utilities - Water, Sewer, Electricity and Natural Gas will be costly if not already in place

Land for Investment

Land is a great investment opportunity.  It is a finite resource that is becoming more scarce every year.  We can help direct you to locations that are appreciating at the top of the market to ensure that you are making a wise investment.  Our experience and research shows that some areas appreciate while others remain stagnant.  We will present you with the information you need.


What we offer:

  • Industry Expertise
  • Knowledge of Current and Past Trends
  • Land Development Opportunities
  • Professional Negotiations
  • Off - Market Opportunities


Why Invest in Land?

  • Limited Risk - Land will never be worth nothing
  • Limited Resource - There is no more land being discovered today
  • Inflation Resistant - Real Estate will always hedge against inflation
  • Texas is White Hot - San Antonio and Austin are growth is incredible




Don't make a costly mistake

The right land in the right location makes all the difference.